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Managing Director

Lincoln has over 20 years’ experience in underground mining and mine production management and has strong operational and technical expertise with particular experience in operating and selecting a wide range of mining equipment for use in very adverse mining conditions. He specialises in higher risk activities such as adverse mining conditions, ground recovery and emergency response.

He has a Diploma in Mining Administration and holds a 1st Class Coal Mine Manager Certificate of Competence (NZ and NSW by trans-Tasman recognition), and Coal Mine Underviewer, Coal Mine Deputy and B Grade Tunnel Manager Certificates of Competence. Lincoln is registered with WorkSafe NZ as a Mine Incident Controller. He is also an active member of the NZ Mines Rescue Service and a member of the Mine Managers Association of Australia and the Australasian Institute of Minerals and Metallurgy.

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Lucy has worked in the environmental resource management arena for over 15 years, most recently in private consultancy, and has extensive experience in processes under the Resource Management Act. Her clients have included those in the power, tourism and dairying industries, and the range of projects she has been involved in include resource consenting and plan/policy development.

She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Resources and Environmental Planning.

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Mining Executive

Craig is a mining industry professional with over 46 years’ experience in operational, engineering and senior management roles. He has key competencies in mine organisation, strategic planning, organisational changes, decision making and contract negotiations.

Trained as a Mining Engineer with an honours degree in Mineral Technology and a 1st Class Coal Mine Manager’s Certificate (New Zealand and Queensland, Australia). He is registered as a Mine Incident Controller with WorkSafe NZ and is a member of the NZ Extractive Industry Advisory Group. He has recently been appointed to the Board of Examiners for the extractive industry.

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