Terra Firma provides expert solutions to the tunnelling and underground mining industry.

We pride ourselves on high quality work, independence and ability to solve complex problems. Terra Firma staff are experienced across a wide spectrum of activities from the preparation of Principal Hazard Management Plans through to reviewing operating objectives and undertaking productivity improvements in the workplace.

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Underground Operations including mining, tunnelling, roading, structural planning, recovery and salvage.

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Civil Services including; Earthworks, ground contouring and levelling, hole boring, site clearing, trenching.

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Consulting and planning, management and relief, risk assessments and regulatory and compliance auditing.

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Occupational health and safety in the mining industry. Training, assessments, independent reviews.

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Lincoln Smith - Managing Director

Lincoln has over 27 years of underground mining. With technical expertise in both operation and planning for all mining conditions.

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Lucy Smith - Director

Lucy handles all our resourcing and environmental planning and has extensive experience in processes involving the Resource Management Act.

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Craig Smith - Mining Executive

Craig holds key competencies in mine organisation, strategic planning, organisational change and contract negotiations.


We've got a great team of experienced people each bringing their own expertise to different areas of mining and civil services.
With health and safety at the forefront our staff are always trained to current regulations.
We are committed to ensure a professional service in all aspects of mining and civil industries.

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